Trends in HR

starting with hr

Starting with HR

Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute gave advice to the new HR manager of a fast growing start up. In this article a summary of his tips. Starting with HR. ...
HR Organisation

10 Trends in HR organisations

HR organisations are changing. What are some of the trends we are sensing? In this article 10 trends the HR Trend Institute sees. Some inspiration to use, when you are considering to transform your HR organisation. ...

Storytelling for HR

An area where HR clearly can improve is storytelling. In this article 9 tips for HR professionals on how they can improve their story. What is the compelling story of HR? ...

The Big Purpose Quiz

The purpose of organisations is becoming more and more important. What is the purpose? Do you recognise the purpose of well known organisations? Do the BIG Purpose test. ...

18 roles for HR in 2018

Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, describes 18 roles that HR can play in 2018. The Accelerator, the Guardian of the Values, the Smooth Operator and many more. Which roles will you play in the coming year? ...

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