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09-4-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

HR Tech is moving, but not as fast as it could. Tom Haak gave a presentation at the HR Tech Tank in Amsterdam. This is a summary of what he presented. HR Tech Tank Andrei Majewski of HR Tech Tank kindly asked me to give a short presentation at the HR Tech Tank Meeting that took […]

07-31-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Charles Ebert  |  Published in Trends in HR

Changing the recruitment game with big data Most companies can relate to the overwhelming work that characterises recruitment. Searching for not only the best but also suitable candidates for a position can be a daunting task. However, with modern day advancements in technology and information, numerous platforms have surfaced to aid in this process. Data […]

06-19-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Many recruitment processes still deliver a poor candidate experience In March 2015, we published our article: “7 trends in recruitment and selection“. Time for an update. It is remarkable how slow organisations are in adapting to trends, and using the opportunities offered by current HR tech solutions. In my family, there are several young graduates […]

05-22-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

The multinational looking for the “ultimate solution” At the end of last year, I was visiting a medium-sized Dutch multinational. The HR Director told me that they were finally implementing a global HR information system. After deliberating and studying for a year and a half, comparing the different providers, negotiating heavily through the Purchasing Department, […]

05-17-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Archive

On June 20, 2017, the HR Community organises an HR Tech Event in Amsterdam. The 1/2 day event, in the great location B-Amsterdam, is a good opportunity to learn more about HR- Tech, and how you can use creative/innovative HR Tech solutions to increase your impact and be more effective. Tom Haak, of the HR Trend […]

04-27-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Archive

HR Innovation Day 2017 This years HR Innovation Day will take place on May 20, in Leipzig. The organisation is in the hands of Peter Wald, of HTWK Leipzig. As last year, the HR Trend Institute will be present. Tom Haak will give a keynote on “Artificial Intelligence: threat or opportunity for HR?”. On HR […]

03-15-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Perry Oostdam  |  Published in Trends in HR

Trends come and go, but hiring should be optimised endlessly. The better you get at hiring, the more cohesive and successful your team will be! Are you keeping up with HR tech trends of the moment? Bookmark this list to read up on the top disruptions that HR is heading toward.  1. Collaborative Hiring First […]

03-13-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

One HR system or a mix of clever solutions? The amount of clever HR Tech solutions is increasing rapidly. The list of successful HR Tech companies is not so long yet. The big HR systems have not lived up to the promises. Implementation is expensive and takes a long time. If you have the money […]

09-12-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

The HR Trend Institute is building a catalogue of innovative and useful HR solutions. The focus will be on HR Tech. Out of scope for the moment: the big HR systems. The catalogue will be very subjective, and we will focus on solutions which we like and find promising. The HR Trend Institute is independent, […]

11-8-2014  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

Normally I am not a big conference participant. But as a trend watcher I have to go out there and search for new trends. This year I went to four conferences. “What Design Can Do” (Amsterdam, May), “Maak Het Mee“, or “Experience It” (Amsterdam, September 2014), “HR Change & Transformation” (London, October 2014) and HR […]