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05-15-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Josh McAllister  |  Published in Trends in HR

An engineer at IBM once told me that the future of information technology could be summed up in a few key terms: mobility, cloud computing, the internet of things, and automation and artificial intelligence. It is worth bearing in mind that automation and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more prominent topics within the public […]

04-25-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Nate Vickery  |  Published in Trends in HR

Machine Learning and HR There have been a few technological advances over the last decade or so that have been pitted against each other in a hypothetical battle for the future of business. One that holds the most potential for real-world applications in HR is machine learning. Machine learning describes a concept where a machine […]

04-10-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Talent Management Trends End 2015 we published our article “10 Talent Management Trends for 2016“. Most of these trends are still very actual. In this article, we want to focus on number 9: internal and external talent pools are considered. Internal and External talent pools are considered The focus of talent management in organisations is […]

01-30-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Not Man* vs. Machine but Man AND Machine This morning Xing mailed me the link to an article with the title “Mensch oder Maschine: Wer trifft bessere Entscheidungen?” (Men or Machine: who makes better decisions?”). This is putting men against the machine. I think a better question is: “Wie können Maschinen Menschen helfen bessere Entscheidungen […]

01-5-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Nate Vickery  |  Published in Trends in HR

The term Artificial Intelligence was originally used by a Stanford Professor John McCarthy more than 60 years ago, at what is now known as The Dartmouth Conference. He described the concept of AI as a process in which machines learn new concepts, form abstract thoughts and use language “to solve problems now reserved for humans […]

09-23-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Nate Vickery  |  Published in Trends in HR

Spend half an hour checking out what people are writing online (especially in the business niche) and you will inevitably stumble across an article on how artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of this and that. For one reason or another, AI has once again caught the attention of people who, in most cases, know […]

11-10-2015  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations #2.002: IBM Watson Personality Insights Why? With artificial intelligence machines become better and better in analysing text. An example is Personality Insights, powered by IBM’s Watson.  “Personality Insights extracts and analyzes a spectrum of personality attributes to help discover actionable […]