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02-20-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

HR operations has been highly undervalued. The last years we have seen an upgrade of HR Operations that will continue in 2017. Most likely HR can add most value in the HR operations area. The requirements for the people in HR operations are different though, and probably we need a new breed of HR professionals […]

02-13-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

What is Algorithm Aversion? People tend to trust human judgment over algorithms. Even when an algorithm consistently beats human judgment, people prefer to go with their gut. In 2014 Dietvorst, Simmons and Massey published an interesting article with the title: “Algorithm aversion: people erroneously avoid algorithms after seeing them err“. Through several studies they show […]

02-12-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

Last week I asked Ziggo if my internet speed could be increased. Yes, it could be increased to 500 Mbps Up and 40 Mbps down. It could be done fast, I only needed to install a new modem, as my current modem could not handle this speed. They would send a new modem, which I […]

02-2-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Employer Branding is changing fast. Seven trends we see. Purpose/ purpose/ purpose In the last years is has become more important for organisations to have a clear and compelling purpose. Future and current employees more and more are looking for organisations that contribute to making the world a better place. As it is not so […]

01-30-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Not Man* vs. Machine but Man AND Machine This morning Xing mailed me the link to an article with the title “Mensch oder Maschine: Wer trifft bessere Entscheidungen?” (Men or Machine: who makes better decisions?”). This is putting men against the machine. I think a better question is: “Wie können Maschinen Menschen helfen bessere Entscheidungen […]

01-26-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in News

On March 28 and 29, 2017, the second HR Agility seminar will take place in Barcelona. This seminar is part of the HRcoreLAB, an annual event organised by Teneo. This event has developed into one of the leading HR conferences in Europe, where HR leaders who are interested in innovations, trends and new ways of working […]

01-23-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Archive

On February 16, 2017, Nmbrs will organise a knowledge sharing session around the theme “HR Automation”. The Nmbrs knowledge session are targeted at everybody who loves HR and who is looking for ways to improve HR-processes in their organisation. At the session, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute will give a briefing on what the […]

01-23-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

In their article “Organizational Design: the rise of teams” McDowell et. al. describe how new shapes of organisations are emerging. From static hierarchical organisations to networks of teams that are able to adapt to the continuously changing environment. Traditionally the focus of HR has been on individuals. Many of todays HR practices (as recruitment and […]

01-16-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Generally good people want to become better. It is not so easy to give relevant feedback to people who are already very good at what they are doing. Recently, performance management has got a somewhat negative connotation. Many organisations are revamping their performance management process. Earlier we argued that performance consulting (helping people to become […]

01-9-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Trends in HR

Employees are expecting an experience at work In her excellent article “Consumerization of HR: 10 trends companies will follow in 2016” Jeanne Meister captured all the trends she describes under the label “Consumerisation”. People are more and more expecting an experience at work that is comparable to the experience they have at home. Netflix knows […]