Tom Haak on HR Trends: the videos

1. Photography, Passion and Purpose

In this video Tom Haak talks about photography, purpose and passion. Key message: let’s not expect too much. Some people’s purpose might be very aligned with the purpose of the organisation, but also people where there is less alignment can make great contributions.

2. The Power of Encouragement

While talking about HR trends and innovations, we should not forget to pay attention to the basics of good human interaction. About the power of encouragement and other simple basics.

3. Why I like Gamification

In this video Tom talks about gamification and why he likes gamification. Duolingo is a good example.

4. The Strength of Weak Ties

Recent research of Sinal Aral of MIT Sloan School of management and LinkedIn (and others) conformed the theory of the “Strength of Weak Ties” (Granovetter in 1973). In this video Tom talks about the strength of weak ties and uses an old LinkedIn Map as an illustration.

5. We aren’t all Knowledge Workers

Sometimes it seems that we are all knowledge workers, but this is not true. Many people who work in manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, transportation, healthcare etc are not knowledge workers. And many people work in these sectors. Tom Haak argues that we need more focus on the frontline workers who are not knowledge workers.

6. Luggage Handling and HR Trends

“Hey Tom, I saw you video “We aren’t all knowledge workers”. Thx, I agree! But this is not so easy. How would you apply, for example, some of your trends to luggage handlers at airports? I know your airport Schiphol has many problems. Greetings, Charly”

7. Using HR Trends – The Framework

This is the first of a series of videos in which Tom Haak talks about how HR trends can be used to help tackle burning organisational issues. In the video a simple framework is presented.

8. Using HR Trends – The Need for Speed

This is an episode in the series of videos in which Tom Haak talks about how HR trends can be used to help tackle burning organisational issues. In the video the focus is on speed.

9. Your 2023 HR Plan in Five Minutes

In this video Tom Haak gives some guidance on how to make your 2023 HR plan without too much effort.

10. Tips for when you want a career in HR


Some tips of Tom Haak for when you are considering a career in HR.

11. Using HR Trends – Customisation & Personalisation

Another episode in the series on “Using HR Trends”. Tom Haak talks about customisation and personalisation.

12. Where is the CHRO?

Tom Haak has been in many HR meetings. Often the responsible CHRO is too busy to participate in the meeting, as she/he is too busy. Why?

13. HR Bad Practices: The Panel Interview

This is a video in the sub-series: HR Bad Practices. The HR bad practice discussed by Tom Haak is the panel interview. Where the unstructured interview is already a bad practice, the unstructured panel (or even worse: multi-panel) interview tops this.

14. HR Bad Practices: Postponing the Performance Review

This is a video in the sub-series: HR Bad Practices. In this episode Tom Haak talks about a frequently occurring bad practice: postponing the performance review.

15. What happened with the 2018 HR trends?

In November 2017 the HR Trend Institute published an article “8 major HR trends for 2018“. In this video Tom Haak revisits these trends and discusses his current view on these trends.

16. HR Bad Practices: The 9-Grid

Another episode in the sub series “HR Bad Practices”. Tom Haak bashes on the widely used 9-grid or 9-box.

17. HR Bad Practices: Traineeships

Another episode in the sub series “HR Bad Practices”. Tom Haak talks about Traineeships and why he considers them a bad practice.

18. Making Fun is Serious Business

Tom Haak is in a nostalgic mood. He looks back on his first presentation, in 2014, for the HR Trend Institute, and he reviews the seven trends in this presentation.

19. Moments that Matter: Onboarding

A new episode in the sub-series “Moments that Matter”. This time Tom Haak tackles onboarding.

20. Moments that Matter: Difficult Times

A new episode in the sub-series “Moments that Matter”. This time Tom Haak talks about the moments that matter in difficult times.

21. What is “People Success”?

Tom Haak is in favour of splitting HR. In HR Operations, HR Strategy and People Success. What is “People Success”, and why is it important, especially today?

22. Every Good Conversation Starts With Listening

Years ago someone created a visual with a quote assigned to me: “Every good conversation startes with listening”. Since then more then 70 visuals appeared with this quote and my name. Not my quote, but interesting to see to see all these different versions.

23. More Focus in your HR Plan

Many HR plans are not well connected to the organisational issues and they lack focus. In this video Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute talks about this subject.

24. The Favourite Subjects of HR

Based on the statistics of the website of the HR Trend Institute, Tom Haak compiled a list of the Top 10 favourite subjects of HR. This might be especially interesting marketeers in the HR field.

25. The Beautiful Cognitive Bias Codex

We are all prone to cognitive biases (and they can be very helpful!). The Cognitive Bias Codex captures and groups 188 cognitive biases in a beautiful picture. Tom Haak talks a bit about cognitive biases.

26. Sometimes you need some Luck

The role of luck is underestimated. Two stories of Tom Haak in this video.

27. The History of HR: Succession Management (part 1)

An episode in the series The History of HR. We speak to Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute about succession management (part 1).

28. The Power of Performance Consulting

Everybody can benefit from detailed feedback, especially top performers. Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute talks about the power of performance consulting.

29. Possible HR Themes for 2023

The theme for HR for 2022 of the HR Trend Institute was “From Adaptation to Transformation”. Natal Dank and Tom Haak are working on the list with important HR trends for 2023. Some possible themes are considered. In this video Tom Haak presents three possible themes.

30. The Dark Side of Gamification

Gamification is not always fun. In this video Tom Haak talks about the dark side of gamification.

31. HR Bad Practices: The Town Hall Meeting

Another episode in the sub series “HR Bad Practices”. Tom Haak talks about Town Hall Meetings.

32. Four Classic HR Trends

On October 20, 2022, Tom Haak gave a key note at the Latvian HR Week in Riga. The main subject was the important HR trends for 2023, but Tom started by covering four classic HR trends.

33. 10 tips for Quiet Quitters

You are fed up at work. There is not a good balance between your work and your real life. You are too lazy to quit and look for another job, and you know there are boring bosses everywhere. Quit Quitting might be the solution for you. 10 tips for Quit Quitters from Tom Haak, founder of the HR Trend Institute.

34. Where is HR?

There are still many cases of abuse and harassment. If you read about cases, like a recent case of a professor at Leiden University, you wonder: “Where was HR?”. Some reflections of Tom Haak.

35. What CEO’s like

In this video Tom talks about the things CEO’s like.

36. We Need Better Images

Tom Haak likes the initiative “Better Images of AI“. “News stories and marketing material about AI are typically illustrated with clichéd and misleading images”. “Better Images of AI” offers an alternative. In this video some examples.

37. The Outline of your HR Plan

Another lesson in the serie “Practical HR” by Tom Haak. This time: The outline of your HR Plan.

38. HR at Scale-ups

Some tips for when you are responsible for HR at a scale-up.

39. Silent Meetings

Amazon “invented” the practice to start meetings with thirty minutes silence. Tom Haak likes this practice.

40. The End of Diplomas?

Are diploma’s getting less and less important? Tom Haak discusses the end of diploma’s.


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