Update from the HR Trend Institute 2020/9

In this update:

  • New episode in the series “Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom
  • 11 HR Trends for 2021: The video
  • The Personal User Guide

Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom

Multifunctional HR … End of silos?

In this episode of “Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom” the conversation is about how HR can work in a multifunctional way, crossing borders and breaking silos. Solving complex issues benefits from a multifunctional approach, looking at all the stakeholders of an organisation, including wider society.

Multifunctional teams

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All eyes on HR

Hybrid office

11 HR Trends for 2021: the video

Pepe van de Kerkhof shot a nice video with a summary of the 11 HR trends for 2021. The blogpost “11 HR Trends to take into account for 2021” gives more detail.

The Personal User Guide

I like the Personal User Guide. With a BIG-5 personality test your Personal User Guide is created, and you can use it to guide others on how to best deal with you. And you with them.

I quote the designers of the Personal User Guide: “Making and sharing your user guide will help you to:

  1. Be real with each other.
  2. Make blindingly clear expectations your common reference point
  3. Draw a social contract on how you can relate
  4. Show how you want to build trust in communicating
  5. Show, not sell, transparency
  6. Reduce wasting time and move quickly to richer and more efficient discussions.
  7. Share your weaknesses by putting them on the table
  8. Turn working with user guides into an exercise in self-awareness.
  9. Become more predictable and authentic to your team members.
  10. Show your respect towards your team members for what they do but most of all for who they are

Two screenshots of My Personal User Guide. Person B is fictitious.

You can create your own Personal User Guide by clicking here, or on the button below.

Create your Personal User Guide




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