The Hybrid Office – Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom

Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom

The Hybrid Office

In this episode of “Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom” the subject is the hybrid office. Will working from home be the new norm for people whose work can be done from home, or are there other options?

All Eyes on HR during the Pandemic

Opportunities for HR!

Seán O’Sullivan made a kind remark on LinkedIn: “The pragmatic implications of the future endeavours of HR are a welcome boost of enthusiasm to continue all efforts to complete this culminating year acquiring this BSc in HRM! Thank you Tom and Natal for the insightful analysis!”.


Masterclass “Determining your 2021 HR agenda”

Masterclass Tom Haak

This interactive masterclass will help you to develop and sharpen your HR plan for 2021. You will benefit from the masterclass if your HR Plan 2021 is more or less ready, and also if you only have some first thoughts.

The following subjects will be covered in the Masterclass:

✓ What are the main elements in a focused HR plan?
✓ Determining the main organisational issues
✓ The critical enablers of HR
✓ Available HR interventions
✓ Important HR trends you can use to increase the impact of HR
✓ Building your plan from the different ingredients
✓ The HR plan checklist

The Masterclass takes place on November 18th from 14:00 to 16:00 CET. Check out what learnings you’ll gain and register here:





Test: The Corona Coping Tool

As the lockdown situations get more serious again, it can be worthwhile to do the Corona Coping Tool. Free.

Corona Coping Inventory

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