Update from the HR Trend Institute 2020/5

In this update we cover:

  • Masterclass “Determining your 2021 HR agenda”
  • Casual collision, dialogue and collective intelligence
  • The customer experience: why are some processes so slow?

Masterclass “Determining your 2021 HR agenda”

Masterclass Tom Haak

🤔 Are you sweating over your company’s 2021 HR agenda and thinking of what trends you should include in it to make it effective?

💡 Join the interactive online #masterclass for HR professionals with Tom Haak the Director of the HR Trends Institute, to develop and sharpen your HR plan for 2021!

The Masterclass takes place on November 4th from 14:00 to 16:00 CET. Check out what learnings you’ll gain and register here: https://bit.ly/2IULHgp

(Psst: There’s an early bird offer is waiting for you! 😉)



Casual collision, dialogue and collective intelligence


I had a short conversation with Maurik Dippel of Circelytics (in Dutch). It is available on YouTube.

The customer experience: why are some processes so slow?

I changed my private bank. As my new bank account’s name was slightly different from the old one, the semi-automatic transfer process was not available. I had to change my IBAN number in the new one with around 40 service providers etc. This was an interesting project that took me a couple of hours.

There were a couple of groups:

🚀  The really fast ones, like Netflix, Spotify and various others. Logi, go to settings, change payment method, transfer 1 cent to the new account, and ready you are.

🚤  A large middle group. Here you can make the arrangement online, but it is a bit tedious. You have to fill in a form with data they already know (like the old account number) which takes some time, but when done you are ready and it is instantly confirmed.

🚇  Slow but ok. Making online changes is not possible. You have to send an e-mail with the request, or phone the service centre.

🐢  Super slow. Example: Car tax department. 1. Please phone the department. 2. Lady on the phone will mail you (not email) a form. 3. Fill in the form and return by mail. Warning: this process can easily take four weeks.

❓  Impossible. There was one (NPO plus) where changing the bak account was not possible. Unfortunately you cannot change your payment settings. Please close your account and open a new one…


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