The Eisenhower matrix and various other grids for HR

What is a consultant without a grid?

2×2 grids are part of the toolkit of almost any consultant. There are many HR related grids, and we have collected a few for your inspiration and entertainment. And not only 2×2’s.

Examples of HR grids

The Action Priority matrix

One of my favourites. Also called the impact x effort matrix. My version looks a bit different: the best is low effort/ high impact.

effort x impact matrix

Blake Mouton Managerial Grid

The good old grid of Blake & Mouton, in two shapes. I still like “Country Club Management”.

CEO & HR maturity/value matrix

Mature CEO and Mature HR, raise your hand if this resembles your situation.

Conflict Handling Modes

Dilemma Reconciliation (Trompenaars)

Great model by Fons Trompenaars cs, not used enough.

Douglas & Wildavsky’s Typology of Worldviews

What is your world view?

Effectiveness of HR strategies

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix

I didn’t know it was called the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. Delegation does not seem to be good.

Innovation Matrix

9-box grid

Read: Get rid of the 9-grid

Performance framework Jack Welch

I could not find a higher resolution, apologies. This model never really worked.

Power-Interest stakeholder matrix

Risk matrix

The 7 levels of HR integration unto the intranet

Situational Leadership

A classic. Deserves a place in the HR Canon.

Skill/Will Matrix


Ulrich model

Have a look at the video “How the Ulrich model was misused“.


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