HR Pyramids

The Pyramid

After the circle and the arrow, the pyramid is probably the most used shape in HR visuals. We found HR pyramids everywhere. Unfortunately we had to report a lot of pyramid abuse. In many visuals it is not clear why a pyramid is used. A good example of the proper use of a pyramid is Maslows pyramid with the hierarchy of needs. The basic needs at the bottom, more “luxury” needs at the top. The higher in the pyramid, the smaller the size of the people in the group. One big group is missing in Maslow’s pyramid: the group of people whose most basic needs are not met.

Examples of HR pyramids

Apollo Group

Building high-performance teams

HR pyramid

Business Architecture

This modern pyramid has a door and some windows.

Career pyramid

HR pyramidA military pyramid.

From Business Strategy to HR Strategy


CPUC Management Pyramid

DIKW Pyramid

HR pyramidSee also Wisdom Pyramid.

Four States of Consciousness

From “Life happens to me” to “Life happens as me”. The narcissist will say: “Life happens because of me”.

Great Mondays’ hierarchy of talent needs

The 5 P’s.

The HR Analytics Value Pyramid (2x)

A pyramid with a horizontal wall.


How to turn a pyramid into a hat.

HR Job Titles Hierarchy

Have a look at our collection of HR Job Titles.

HR Pyramid

IABC career path

The inverted pyramid



A transformation from pyramid to pyramid.

Learning pyramid


The pyramid of manipulation

From the Dark Web.


HR pyramidThe iconic Maslow pyramid.


Miller’s pyramid of Clinical Competence

Modelo De Beer

Organisation culture triangle

Maybe more a triangle than a pyramid.

The Passion Pyramid

HR pyramid

Performance Management

In most pyramids you go from bottom to top, but here from top to bottom.

Pyramid of Organisational Excellence for the 21st Century

People are on the organic side.

The Results Pyramid

A glass ceiling?

ROI pyramid of Learning & Performing

HR pyramidA big gap between learning outcomes and learning application.

Scott Madden

Why is traditional HR green? Generally green = good.

Stakeholder Management

Strategic HRM

HR pyramids

The Sustainable Leadership Pyramid


The Talent Transformation Pyramid

HR pyramid

Wisdom Pyramid

hr pyramids


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