The ideal HR organisation

The ideal HR organisation

Recently we published a collection of HR models (What does good HR look like: 30 different models). These models were focused on the required competencies of successful HR professionals. Another question is: how do we organise HR? We collected more than 40 visuals that can inspire you when transforming your HR organisation. We hope you enjoy this collection of circles, pyramids, arrows and flow-charts.


15 indeed, I counted. I certainly can think of other key roles, like organisational design, communication and learning & development.

Apollo Group

A nice three-dimensional pyramid from the Apollo group.


Josh Bersin always creates thoughtful content. Two graphics out of the Bersin files.

Blinklane Consulting


I like “Embedded HR”.


One more time we can ask: why a pyramid?


Business needs in the middle. Traditional top-down approach.

Develop Global

Very similar to the Deloitte framework. Employee experience was not yet in fashion when this graphic was produced.

Die digitale HR-Organisation (



The house of HR.

The evolution of HRM

From welfare management to strategic human resource management, in what looks like a downward path.

Future state HR service delivery model

Philipp Glawogger

Conventional indeed.

Grochowski & Ulrich

The Harvard Model for HR

HCM Lifecycle

The executive is a man, HR is led by a woman.

High Impact HR Operating Model

The HR Guy

What I like: HR architects.

HR in Asia

HR Management & Governance Framework

The periodic table of HR.

HR Maturity scale (Paul Kearns)

Breaking through the brick wall.

HR Operating Model Maturity Curve

HR Pyramid

HR Trend Institute

From the HR Trend Institute, a couple of years old.

IES: What customers want from HR

No sandals (with wings), no green boots, but running shoes!

ISS strategic HR framework

Best practice?




The future is still a pyramid.

Jon Ingham: The HR network Model

Worthwhile thoughts from Jon Ingham.

M&E study: HRM activities


More about people than organisation.

And the Target Interaction Model (TIM).

Prime HR


The role of HR

Don’t forget the external forces!


A Spanish tree.

Der Schwarze Falke

Scott Madden

Pyramid AND use of colour abuse. Why a pyramid? Why is traditional HR green?

Software advice

You have a choice.

Strategic HRM

Ulrich/ Brockbank

The good old iconic Ulrich model, that has influenced HR organisations in the last decades. Not always well-understood.

Simple and clear.

A rather limited view: the HRM process starts with recruitment.


A diverse organisation.


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