What does good HR look like? 30 different HR models

What does good HR look like?

HR is a young profession. The profession loves processes and frameworks. Of course there are also many frameworks that outline what good HR should look like. For this overview we collected around 30 of them.

30+ different HR models


Many models are related to the work of Ulrich and Brockbank. “Credible Activist” is certainly one of the competency areas out of their kitchen.


Most of the models reflect the “rounded HR professional” as the ideal. This is one of them.


The rounded HR generalist masters at least these 12 skills. Sense of humour is not one of them, or isn’t that a skill?

Altoren Consulting

Jeroen Andreae

“Overall you were one of the best candidates, but we have some doubts about your ambidexterity”. The meaning of the dotted lines is not so clear to me.


A model focused on talent management of the ATD.

Bank of Info

An interesting model of the Bank of Info, with some intriguing categories, like “Patriotism” , “Less accountability” and “Forecasting power”.

Boselie & Paauwe

A classic model of some years ago. I like business knowledge to be at the top.


An integrated approach.


Some clear thinking has gone into this CIPD model. First time in this collection we see “curious”.


Concordia St. Paul

Always true.


Nine competency areas, interestingly arranged anti-clockwise.


The HR competency cube, merging some different models.

The 8-Box Model (Paul Boselie)

Generator Talent Group

The Harvard Framework for HRM

HR Development Framework


I like the coulours, and I am intrigued by “critical legal thinking”, if I read it well.

HR Professionalism


Try to formulate the relationship between light blue, blue and dark blue.

Jon Ingham

Small and simple.

Inside HR

A special model for digital HR.

M&A Strategie Gmbh

Always start with the Corpotrate vision.

OMD HR Model

OMD HR Model

RBL Group

The “Paradox Navigator” is another great invention of Ulrich c.s. Sounds better than “Dilemma Reconciliator”.

Schippmann (adapted)

“Karen, can you explain the Schippmann model to me?”.


Solid models from SHRM.

South African HR competency model

The colours and the shape are great!

Synectics World

The life of an HRBP is tough!

Tech Funnel

My brain has turned green.

The 10 C Model

Training Manager Competency Model


Another iteration, probably not designed by Ulrich.

University of Florida

A prize for the University of Florida: not a circle but a tree!

University System of Georgia

Another circle, in purple and blue.


A straightforward overview by the Workitects.

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