Nearly 100 Leadership Models

Illustration: Studio Fee Overbeeke

There are many, many leadership models

In our search for leadership models, we found many, many leadership models. Every organisation seems to have developed a leadership model. Churches, educational institutions, government, the coast guard and consultancies, they all have their models.

We are looking for rounded leaders

Most of the leadership models are visualised in a circle. We seem to be looking for rounded and balanced leaders. Our leaders can do it all. They can manage themselves, their team and the organisation. They help to improve the world. They balance the short- and the long term. They listen and inspire. They are tough and soft, fast and slow, emotional and rational, strategic and operational. Most of the models we have seen come from the same mould. Spiky leadership seems to be non-existent. Only a couple of models mention “humor” as a desired trait (the 4H model does: “Leaders laugh at themselves”). We got a bit bored by reviewing all these models. If you have better examples: please let us know, we certainly want to grow the collection in the coming year.

The Museum of HR

A sample of the collection of Leadership Models


Action Centered Leadership (John Adair)

Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership

Two dimensions: Drivers and Horizons of Agile Leadership. The design i not very creative, but at least it is not a circle. Why the grey pillars end in arrows, and the blue ones not, is not clear to me.

The Wheel of the Agile Leader


Amazon Leadership Principles

Amazon Leadership Principles

Why 14? If you want that many, I would go for 16, that would have looked more balanced. What about diversity and integrity?

American Nurse

American Nurse

A nice one from American Nurse. I like “Encouraging the heart”.

The Anatomy of a Leader

The anatomy of a leaderBig heads. No legs.

L’Arche Servant Leadership Model

L'Arche servant Leadreship ModelA religious model. “Stand on humble ground”.

Authentic Leadership Model

Authentic Leadership ModelI am ouzzled by “crucible” in the black. What is the meaning? That the authentic leader melts all the elements in his personal authentic way? The word “Relatableness” is also new to me.

AnotherAuthentic Leadership Model, this one by Bill George.

Boyden Leadership Model

Boyden Leadership Model

Here we see the division in three areas (self, people, organisation) that can be founc in many models. A 3×3 model would have looked more balanced.

BrandauRoss Discretionary Effort Leadership Model

BrandauRoss Discretionary Effort Leadership Model

At BrandauRoss they could not afford e designer. It is not a circle, but why a pyramid? And why does “Work Environment of Integrity and Gratitude” not get its own colour?

The Bridging Leadership Framework

Bridging Leadership Framework

Men only in this model. Why are the people in B upside-down? I like the green tree!

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Cause Driven Leadership

Cause Driven Leadership

It looks like four colour pencils. Do the arrows indicate a causal relationship? Operational Effectiveness leads to Personal Growth?

Key Leadership Competencies Government of Canada

Government of Canada Leadership Model

The light bulb as the icon of innovation. Can we find something better?

Centered Leadership

Why is the grey center circle not big enough to capture the five circles? Why is it called “Centered Leadership”? The three items mentioned under Impact are also interesting.

FO Leadership Competency Framework

CFO Leadership Framework

What not? A sense of humor is not required. “Leads through conflicts” is also interesting.

Charismatic Leaders


Charismatic is always good. Charismatic leaders use powerful language.

Cissoko & Company

Coast Guard and Auxiliary


Coast Guard Leadership Competencies

Coast Guard

28 competency areas. Why not 34? The top one (the simple version) gets a prize for design.

The Collective Leadership Compass

Collective Leadership Compass

6×3 = 18 competency areas here. The flower is a nice touch.

Collective Leadership Framework


Leadership for Collective Wisdom Framework


I like “Embrace not knowing”. Is this interior or exterior?

Complexity Leadership Theory

Conant Leadership Model

“Honor people” in the centre. I like the flags in the top design.

Connectional Leadership Model

Connectional Leadership Model

Can you please explain the difference between “powering” and “empowering”?

Conversational Leadership

Conversational Leadership

The COVID-19 / crisis leadership model

“COVID-19 demands a new era of authentic leadership” (Capgemini)

8×4=32! What is new? Answer: the last category, “Nomadism”.


Crisis Leadership Competency Model

Crisis Management Leadership


3D (Royal Government of Bhutan)

3D Leadership Capability Framework

The numbering of the competency areas is interesting.

The 3D Transformational Leadership Model

3d Transformational Leadership Model

What we want: high on Vision, Wisdom and Courage. Is the “Best” really the best? The arrows seem to indicate otherwise.

Digital Leadership Model, or 4V Model

4V Leadership Model

If you develop the capabilities of ideas, you show Visionary Leadership.

Diocesan Leadership Framework

Diocesan Leadership Framework


Dräger Leadership Model

Drager Leadership Model


Dynamic Leadership Model

Dynamic Leadership Model

Watch out: speed control!


A model of Educational Leadership

A model of educational leadership

Pono is not totally convinced yet.

8 Integral Competencies of Leadership (8ICOL)



We use the 8ICOL model. Do you know that? It is all about PP, EI, SI and IQ. And please remember the number 8.

Effective Crisis Leadership

Elite Performing Team framework

Elite Performing Team framework


Emotional Intelligence Leadership Model


Emotional & Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies


Enabling Leadership

Equity Leadership Model

Equity Leadership ModelInteresting.

The 5 practices of Exemplary Leadership

5 practices of exemplary leadership

Exo Leadership Model

Exo Leadership Model

I am in a good flow.

Fiedler’s Contingency Model

FIUTS Leadership Competencies

FIUTS Leadership Competencies

Not many models contain a dimension “Changing the world”.

The Full Range Leadership Model

The Full Range Leadership Model

We don’t like fire fighting. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not us: we fix everything!


Goleman's Leadership Styles

More an overview of styles than a model.

4-H Leadership Model (Manfred Kets de Vries)

4-H Leadership Model

The only model with a prominent position for “Humor”. “Leaders laught at themselves”.

Healthcare Leadership Model

Healthcare Leadership Model

It all fits together.

Herbig-Wiederwohl Leadership Model

Herbig-Wiederwohl Leadership model

Another misuse of the pyramid. But they also mention humor!

Hersey & Blanchard Situational Leadership Model

Hersey & Blanchard Situational LeadershipStill a very useful model.

Holistic Leaders

Holistic Leaders


The Humanistic Leadership Model (HLM)

Humanistic Leadership Model

HW Consulting

HW Consulting

IBM Leadership Development Framework

IBM Leadership Development Framework


The Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive LeadershipThe 6C model. I like “Cognizance”: because bias is a leaders Achilles heel.

Inner Leadership Model

Inner Leadership Model

Integral Leadership & Management Framework

Integral Leadership & Management Framework

Intégro Leadership Institute

The Iterative Leadership Model

The Iterative Leadership Model

Ivey Leader Character Framework

Leadership Competencies

Leadership competencies

The Leadership Fairness Model

Leadership in the new Reality (BCG)

The Leadership Tent (Zenger & Folkman)

The Leadership Tent

You are safe in the leadership tent.

Thx Carla Jimenez Lobato.

Level 5 Leadership Model (Jim Collins)

Level 5 Leadership ModelFrom highly capable individual to Executive in four steps.

Kurt Lewin’s Leadership Styles

LRN Leadership Framework

LRN Leadership FrameworkA great overview of non-leadership attributes in the outer circle. I am not sure what is good/ not good. “Dreams” and “Pragmatic decision making” seem to be wrong.

MA Lead Leadership Competency Model

MA Lead Competency Model


Michigan Model of Leadership

Michigan Model of Leadership

Mikael Jensen Leadership Competency Model

Mikael Jensen Leadership Model

New Model of Leadership

New Model of Leadership

ONE Healthcare Leadership Framework

ONE Healthcare Leadership Framework

3 P’s (Gaurav Gargate)

PPPI want to report another case of pyramid abuse.

The PeaceHealth Leadership ModelPeaceHealth Leadership Model

Predictive Success

Primary Colours Model of Leadership

Primary Colours Model of Leadership

Purdue Polytechnic Leadership Competencies

Polytechnic Leadership CompetenciesThey should be able to design better at Purdue Polytechnic.

4R Framework

4R Model of transformational leadership

4R Framework

Radiant Leadership Model

Radiant Leadership ModelOverwhelming.

Reddin’s 3D Leadership Model

Resilient Leaders (Deloitte)

Results-based Leadership (RBL) Framework

RBL Framework

Rotman’s Leadership Model

Rotman's Leadership Model

Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership Mode;

SAIPEM Leadership Model

The Self-Action Leadership Model (SAL)

Self-Action Leadership Model

Humility before Universal Laws. After Stage 4 your back to ground level.

Servant Leadership Model

Servant Leadership ModelGood story in a simple picture.

Shared LeaderShift

Shared LeaderShift

Shared LeaderShift

Sitkin-Lind Six Domains of Leadership

Social Leadership Model

The NET model of Social Leadership

Soul of Business Leadership Model

Soul of Business Leadership Model

SpiritWorks Leadership Model

SpiritWorks Leadership Model

Supply Chain Leadership competencies


The Sustainable Leadership Pyramid


Systems Leadership

Systems Leadership

System Leadership (Welbourn & Fathers)

The Leadership USA 3T Leadership Competencies model

Leadership USA 3T

Tannebaum & Schmidt Continuum of Leadership

Tannenbaum & Schmidt Continuum of Leadership

Trevor-Roberts Leadership Framework

Trevor-Roberts Leadership Framework

Tribal Leadership (Dave Logan)

Tribal LeadershipFrom “Life sucks” to “Life is great”.

Thx Ben Kuenen.

UF Leadership Competency Model

UF Leadership Competency Model

The University System of Georgia


The Vital Voices Leadership Model

Vital Voices Leadership model

Vodafone Ziggo

Vodafone Ziggo Leadership Model

The model for leading volunteers that makes a difference

Model for leading volunteers

Leadership in a VUCA world

Leadership in a VUCA world

Welbourne & Fathers System Leadership

Well-Rounded Leader Model

Well rounded leader model


The Wheel of Intelligent Leadership

Wheel of Intelligent Leadership


John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success



Thx to Alexander Crepin for his kind suggestions.

Read Segio Caredda: Leadership Models – The Theory and the Practice 


Updated April 2, 2021/ 119

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