HR at Scale Summit

Learn from leading companies in Silicon Valley

One of our US partners, 10x Innovations Lab, is organising an interesting HR program, the “HR at Scale Summit”. The program will take place from October 28-31, 2019, in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley).


A limited number of participants who register via the HR Trend Institute can get a 30% discount. If you are interested, please write an email to, and refer to this post. We like to make clear we have no financial interest in this program whatsoever, in case you are worried we are starting to sell stuff!

More information about the program

The HR at Scale Summit will teach you how to implement a culture of innovation, recruit and retain the top talent and use emerging technology to transform your business for the future. You’ll hear from industry experts and top HR executives who are leading the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley.

  • Learn how to scale innovation, employee engagement, succession planning and cultural transformation initiatives across your entire company.
  • Attend Q&A sessions where you will get the operating secrets from Silicon Valley’s top companies.
  • Work with experts to develop a customized plan to implement what you learn, tailored specifically to your company and current challenges.
  • Network with HR executives at the fastest growing companies in the world and HR leaders from other Fortune 500 companies.
  • Hear the latest trends and strategies that the fastest growing companies in the world are using to create their ideal culture, at scale.


HR at Scale Summit
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