Hiring actors to improve the employee experience

Hiring actors for your party

In the Dutch NRC of August 29, 2019, I read an article about actors you can hire for your party, to improve the “party experience”. You can hire actors who are clearly visible, but also order a group that looks just like your average guest, but who have the clear assigment to make the party more memorable.

Buro Curious

The article mentions a company you can hire to liven up your party, Buro Curious. Their tagline: “Creating memorable moments – Triggering experiences that will bring your story to life”. Their offering is split into: Activation, Intervention, Unlimited Experience (“When we design an unlimited experience we go all the way”) and Advice.

Why not at Work?

This concept could easily be applied at work. Not at the annual party or launch of a new product (where it is already done, I am sure), but in the day to day work situation. If you want and experience, we will give you one! If you plan cleverly, it might not be so costly. Some types to cast:

  • The super enthusiastic new employee. Inject her into a group of new employees during onboarding, and they will become more enthusiastic as well.
  • The perfect boss. We know the perfect boss does not exist, but a good actor can come a long way. Not a boss who is always in the office, probably one day per week should be enough.
  • Mister unfortunate. If anything can go wrongs it goes wrong with Mr. Unfortunate. This is a relieve for the other employees, who now realise their situation is not so bad.
  • Mrs Fast-track. Her career is unbelievable. Even for the fast-track the speed of her promotion is fast. She is showing the others that when you really want something, you can do it.


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