Trends in Employee Journey Maps

The Museum of HR has many rooms

In my virtual museum of HR (planned opening in 2022), there certainly will be a room filled with Employee Journey maps. In this post I want to show you a sample (20) of the current collection (sources can be found by clicking on the picture).  If you come across nice examples: please let me know!

Most employee journeys follow a windy road

If you ask people to draw an organisation, they draw a pyramid. If you ask people to draw a journey, most of them draw a road. Many Employee Journey Maps are one-way roads. Most of the time there is only one exit: at the end. I have seen roads that end in a roundabout, and the signal is clear: there is no way to leave.

1. A typical Employee Journey Map. A never ending road.

2. An interesting map, from Integrify. It goes from top to bottom, where you would expect is to go from bottom to top, or left to tight. I like the various barriers.

Employee Journey Map road

3. Be careful during this journey: if you go too fast, you end where you started.

Employee Journey Map road

4. How do you get on this road? How do you get off?


Some take the underground

Some employee journeys go underground by metro.

Employee Journey Map Underground

5. It does not resemble the London Underground yet, but it is a start. Not easy to find an attractive journey though. Maybe the red line, from “New Talent Central” to “Valuable Feedback Wharf”. But what is next?

Employee Journey Map underground

6. The “City of Autonomy”: that is where I want to go!

Why not by boat?

Probably traveling by boat is considered to be too slow, as I could not find many employee journeys that took the waterways.

Employee Journey Map Boat

7. Don’t miss the Onboarding Boat!

To outer space

Employee Journey Map rocket

8. Your career really seems to take off if you change jobs.

We like the outdoors (on a nice day)

Employee Journey Map woods

9. Another interesting map (in Dutch, but you get the picture). This looks like a mindful journey. A journey by foot through hills and forests. Forget the urban jungle. The candidate is running, but seems to adapt very quickly.

Climbing mountains

Employee Journey Map mountains

10. This certainly looks like a challenging journey.

The Employee Journey is a game

Employee Journey Map game

11. The Employee Journey pictured as a board game.

Keep it simple

Employee Journey Map simple

12. Simple it is.


Employee Journey Map simple

13. In Dutch. In, through, out.

A balancing act

Employee Journey Balancing

14. We all know it: working is a balancing act. And women go slower than men.

A structured approach

Employee Journey Map structured

15. No roads or other fancy pictures. A structured approach will serve us best.


Employee Journey Map Creative

16. Maybe the employee journey can be fun!

And some others

Employee Journey Map

17. I like: Mastery, Meaning, Autonomy.


Employee Journey Map

18. From seduction to goodbye. Look at the tie as icon for Talent & Leadership development. And muscles for Learning & Development.


Employee Journey Map

19. Some implicit messages in this picture. We only hire men. Our selection ratio is around 50%. The picture is from 2011, so probably one of the earlier employee journey maps.

Employee journey 35

20. An inevitable journey


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