Zukunft Personal Europe 2018: a virtual tour

Guided Tours at Zukunft Personal Europe 2018

During Zukunft Personal Europe 2018, I guided one international tour on each day of the event. Zukunft Personal is a huge event, and some visitors like it to see some highlights with a guide. I like very much to be a tour guide, and I hope to do more tours next year! As not everybody was able to come to Cologne, or to join the tour, I would like to offer a short virtual tour.

A Virtual Tour

On this tour we will make nine stops. Most of the organisations we will visit, were chosen by me. There were no clear criteria for selection. I had to make a choice, and I looked at the attractiveness of the solution, if I knew someone at the organisation and the location on the Messe floor.

1. Haufe


First stop: Haufe. Big organisation with cool solutions. I didn’t know them very well, but I was impressed with what they told about their People.Os. The claim is, that People.Os (I like the name), will connect Business Power to People Power.

2. Jobpal

From Haufe to Jobpal. Jobpal builds recruitment chatbots, and is one of the frontrunners in this domain. At Zukunft Personal they won an innovation award in the category Recruitment.

3. Dynamic Industries

Dynamic Industries

Welcome at the next stop, Dynamic Industries. Dynamic Industries  is the manufacturer of HR Management software in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform and the global HR competence center for the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. If your are working with Microsoft software, they seem to provide good integrated HR software, that can be implemented easily.

4. WPA


WPA is an innovative employee effectives platform. Where many solutions seem to be focused on increasing engagement and happiness of employees, WPA focuses more on increasing productivity and effective workplace design. HR meets IT, facility management and real estate. Interesting concept.

5. Crunchr


Crunchr provides an innovative people analytics platform. Crunchr is focused on HR, and can be easily used by HR professionals, even if they are not analytics experts. With Crunchr they can provide valuable business insights. Crunchr is a kind of overlay, that can analyse data from different sources. Because of its focus on the people domain, many standard reports are available.

6. Sacosa


We make a quick stop at Sacosa. Meet Levente Fulop, one of the founders. Sacosa provides online coaching, focusing on personal effectiveness, health, nutrition and work-life balance. Through Sacosa, you are connected to a coach that fits best with your needs. The coaches work through Skype, WhatApp and what have you. A nice benefit for organisations to offer their employees.

7. Knowingo


I am sorry, but we have to move on! Knowingo offers a nice and simple mobile learning platform. You cab load the platform with content that is relevant to your organisation, and employees can keep their knowledge up-to-date without too much effort. Seems to be especially useful in areas such as health & safety, compliance and basic company knowledge you expect new employees to learn.

8. Cammio


If you turn right, you see the booth of Cammio. Cammio has developed a video recruiting solution. Candidates have to answer some questions using their mobile phone (and the camera on the phone), and their answers as well as the way they answer their answers (today voice, in the future maybe also analysis of facial expressions) are analysed against the ideal profile for a job. Fast and reliable; candidates seem to like it, as it is fast and easy (and unbiased).

9. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a big player. Why do we stop here? Everybody knows LinkedIn, no need to explain. We stop here, as LinkedIn is launching LinkedIn Talent Insights this fall. With Talent Insights and the huge data set of working people and candidates, you can design and tailor your talent acquisition strategies. We saw a glimpse at the LinkedIn booth, and it looked impressive!

We have come to the end of this tour. We could have visited many more interesting companies, but fitting in nine stops in a one hour tour was already a challenge. I hope to see you soon.


Photo credits: featured photo and nr. 1: Adrian Müller. Nr 5: Crunchr. All other: Tom Haak


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