Time to review your HR projects

This is a good time to review your HR projects (either new of existing). The following checklist might be useful.

For each of your HR projects, please answer the following questions, using a 5-point scale (1=hardly, 5=to a large extend).

1. Link to strategy?

Does the project contribute to your priority areas? Answer the question for each priority area (max 4).

2. Impact?

Will the impact be substantial?

3. Evidence?

Is there data/ evidence that the solution will work?

4. Scalable?

Is the solution scalable?

5. Simple?

Is the solution simple?

6. Strengthens the values?

Will it strengthen the values of the organisation?

7. Cost/Benefits?

Is there a clear and convincing cost/benefit analysis?

8. Clients involved?

Are employees and management involved in the design and implementation?

9. Agile development?

Will the solution be developed in an agile way? (A-B testing, plan-do-check-action, etc)

10. Proof?

Can the effect of the intervention be measured?

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