Where do the visitors of the HR Trend Institute come from?

In 2017 the website of the HR Trend Institute was visited by people from 201 countries! 71% of these visitors came from 15 countries:

  1. USA, with 21% of the total number of visitors
  2. India, 16%
  3. Netherlands, 9%
  4. UK, 6%
  5. Germany, 3%
  6. Canada, 3%
  7. Australia, 2%
  8. Philippines, 2%
  9. Belgium, 2%
  10. Singapore, 2%
  11. Spain, 2%
  12. South Africa, 2%
  13. France, 1%
  14. Thailand, 1%
  15. Italy, 1%

We are very glad with this international list. On the bottom of the list, we find countries with one person that visited our site: Samoa, Cook Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Northers Marina Islands, Anguilla, Faroe Islands, Vanuatu, Montserrat and Mauritania.

Of course, everybody is welcome, and we want to thank everybody who visited the HR Trend Institute in 2017. Hopefully we can continue to inspire you in 2018!



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