Research: what are the expectations of young employees?

What is Remote-how?

Recently we got in touch with an interesting start-up: Remote-how. Remote-how is a monthly remote work & travel incentive program, to attract and retain top talents. They organise the possibility for young top talent to work at a remote location for one month. During this month they continue working, and also learn a lot about all the important aspects of remote working. And of course, they have a lot of fun and learn about new cultures. If the program is a joint program, they connect to top talent of other companies as well.

Research opportunity

Remote-how with some partners, have started an interesting research project: the “EU labor market 2018 – Expectations vs. Reality” research. You can learn more about it here., together with companies like PwC and Amazon, will identify the most up to date insights about needs of young employees in the areas of employee benefits and remote work, confronting them with existing strategies of HR departments.

Why is it worth to join the research? All participating companies will receive a cost-free benchmarking analysis to other businesses from their industry or country.

If you want to learn more about the report, you can easily schedule a call with Remote-how team member – just click here.


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