Our most popular HR trends blog posts in 2017

In 2017 we published 90 new articles to the website of the HR Trend Institute. What were the most popular articles in the last year, including popular articles published in 2016? This is the Top 8.

1. 10 HR trends for 2017

HR Trends for 2017

2. 6 major trends in HR shared services

shared services

3. 11 HR trends for 2016

HR Trends 2016

4. 8 talent management trends for 2018

Trends in Talent Management

5. 8 major HR trends for 2018

HR Trends 2018

6. 15 current HR trends

15 current HR Trends

7. 7 trends in recruitment and selection


8. Trends in HR job titles

HR Job Titles


Most of the illustrations were made by our favourite designer: Studio Fee Overbeeke.

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