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Where to start when you want to improve the Employee Experience

21st, April 2017
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by Tom Haak
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Employee Experience

HR Tech MeetUp dedicated to the Employee Experience

On April 20, 2017, there was a session of the HR Tech Meetup Netherlands dedicated to the Employee Experience.  This was a very lively and inspiring MeetUp, with more than 100 people, who gathered at the office of Booking in Amsterdam. Wendy van Ierschot (of Van Ierschot)  gave a short introduction into the basics of the employee experience, and Gerrit Brouwer explained how Appical is helping their clients to improve the employee experience during the first phases of the journey (from hiring until 6 month on the job).

What has impact on the Employee Experience ?

Prior to the HR Tech MeetUp, the HR Trend Institute conducted a concise survey among the participants. Basically, we asked two questions: what aspects have impact on the employee experience, and how easy is it to change the different aspects? 33 people participated in the survey.
The main outcomes can be found in the table below.

The impact of an aspect could be rated on a scale from 1-7 (1=not important at all, 7=very important). How easy it is to change an aspect was also rated on a 7-point scale (1=very difficult, 7=very easy). In the table the subjects are ranked in order of potential impact on the employee experience.

Where to start, if you want quick results?

Employee Experience

To get a quick indication what issue is the easiest to tackle, with the highest impact on the employee experience, we multiplied the impact score with the effort score.
Number one on the list: what happens on the first day the employee enters the organisation.
If your Day 1 is perfectly organised, move to one of the other elements, if not we suggest you start making the first day an unforgettable experience. We know, from anecdotal evidence, that first days are often a rather poor experience. The manager is not in the office. The laptop is not ready. The team is elsewhere in an offsite meeting. Nobody has thought about a clear assignment for the first weeks. There has been a reorganisation, but it was forgotten to inform the new hire. And so on and so on. It can easily go wrong, but it is also easy (and cheap) to fix.

What next?

If you have gathered some data from your employees, about how they experience the various elements, you can make a priority list. Start with the high impact aspects that are poor, and relatively easy to fix. HR Tech solutions can help. It is clear there is a market for the innovative onboarding solutions. If you can guide the new employee from the hiring day to the first day on the job, and then through the first 100 days, in such a way that the experience is very positive, a lot of progress can be made. Improving the selection experience is most likely also high on the list, and  reasonably easy to fix.

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More information about the HR Tech Meetup Netherlands: here.


Photo: Wendy van Ierschot

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Tom Haak is the founder and director of The HR Trend Institute. Prior to founding the HR Trend Institute in 2014, Tom held senior HR positions in companies as Arcadis, Aon, KPMG and Philips. The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and encourages smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organizations, and also in adjacent areas.