4 Trends HR Tech is Heading Towards

HR Tech

Trends come and go, but hiring should be optimised endlessly. The better you get at hiring, the more cohesive and successful your team will be! Are you keeping up with HR tech trends of the moment? Bookmark this list to read up on the top disruptions that HR is heading toward.

 1. Collaborative Hiring

First up is collaborative hiring. HR teams are learning that building a better team involves starting with, well, the team. Your existing employees are the company’s best ambassadors and, combined, know all internal problem-areas that need to be addressed. Here are some collaborative hiring tactics supplemented by HR tech that you are likely to see popping up in HR teams everywhere:

  • Employee referral programs (better ones with sourcing extensions, incentives, and guidelines)
  • Employee testimonials and other shareable content
  • Interactive rating and ranking of candidates with an ATS (applicant tracking system)
  • Communication tools for the whole team, virtual or not, like Slack

As HR tech advances, so does the opportunity to incorporate real-time collaboration between team members.

 2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Like it or not, we are in the age of chatbots and other human-made automated forms of HR professionals. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t keep the “human” in human resources. Anthropomorphism walks a fine line between “almost real” and “too real that it becomes creepy”. If, for instance, an HR chatbot knows your sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s name and asks him to come to interview for another position, this will most likely be seen as intrusive.

However, there are small steps being made toward integrating HR artificial intelligence. These steps are small enough that it’s also not too intrusive (yet). The following points outlined by Rachel Wolfson of VentureBeat sum up some of the ways AI can benefit HR teams:

  • Employees can connect with HR via mobile devices
  • HR can respond instantaneously, leading to faster employee decisions
  • Chatbots can collect employee data to create more efficient processes

Also important to note is that AI doesn’t replace HR, but it can offer answers to simple questions. It’s arguably more objective, as well. Look out for more data collection from AI in the near future. It will be interesting to see how this jives with employees around the globe!

3. Social Media Integration

Speaking of the global workforce, HR tech is expanding into the social media realm. The globalisation of the recruitment process is rapidly advancing, because we now have the means to communicate with, hire, and retain talent from around the world! Say goodbye to the days of LinkedIn being the only place to network and post job ads.

Along with many ATS (applicant tracking systems) integrating social media promotion into their platforms, Facebook has also rolled out its new job posting feature. Facebook is known for their knack of targeting specific demographics with their ads, and much of their revenue is generated from this. Think about it this way: what do businesses advertise? Products and job vacancies. Facebook Jobs is capitalising on an area of need. It’s not clear if large corporations will buy into it, but local businesses and chains are already seeing results.

 4. Automated Candidate Engagement

Last, but certainly not least, we will see a shift in the amount of candidate engagement that is being executed. HR teams have been under the impression that they simply don’t have the time or resources to respond to every candidate. However, technology has made it possible. You may be wondering how it could possibly be personalised when candidate engagement is automated, but there are ways! This article on writing recruitment emails goes over the ways in which email templates can be created with placeholders that fill in the appropriate information. You can also go back in and edit the feedback for the specific candidate!

While it’s impossible to predict the exact future of HR tech advancements, we can safely assume that things will become more automated as time goes on. If this falls into an uncharted territory of “robots” taking over the HR processes and humans taking the backburner, it is our own fault. And, for that reason, I don’t think the “human” will be taken out of “human resources” any time soon. HR tech professionals are simply finding every way possible to assist in the fast-paced environment that is HR!


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