The battle of the apps (HR Trends 2017, 9)

One HR system or a mix of clever solutions?

The amount of clever HR Tech solutions is increasing rapidly. The list of successful HR Tech companies is not so long yet. The big HR systems have not lived up to the promises. Implementation is expensive and takes a long time. If you have the money and a relatively stable organisation, the investment in one of the big core HR systems can certainly be worthwhile. The providers of the neat modern HR solutions are struggling to convince HR to add their solution to the mix. HR does not want to take risks, and the IT department still does not like to have too many providers. But increasingly HR gets the notion that currently a good mix between a solid core HR system, payroll solutions and focused innovative HR solutions might be most effective. This leads to the questions: which solutions to choose, and how to capture the data from the different systems for your people analytics?

2017 will be an important year: watch The Battle of the Apps.

Illustration: Studio Fee Overbeeke

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