Last week I asked Ziggo if my internet speed could be increased. Yes, it could be increased to 500 Mbps Up and 40 Mbps down. It could be done fast, I only needed to install a new modem, as my current modem could not handle this speed. They would send a new modem, which I could easily install myself. I was not super happy, as in my experience installing new Ziggo stuff always takes more time than expected.

This Saturday the new modem, a Connect Box arrived.

Call 1, 12.48 pm. I am prepared

My old modem, an Ubee EVW3200, was set-up in Bridge mode. This means that the internet signal comes in through the modem, but the rest is done by a router that is connected to the modem. Putting the modem in bridge mode can only be done by the Ziggo technicians in the call centre. I wanted to use the new modem as router as well, so it should not be in the bridge mode. I was afraid that if I connected the new modem, it would also be in bridge mode, as the old modem. I called the Ziggo call centre (with my landline, so I cannot check the waiting time, was around 20 minutes), and asked if my new modem would be in bridge mode. The answer: no, a new modem will standard be in the normal mode, so it can be used as router and for Wi-Fi as well.

I disconnected the old modem, and connected the new modem. No internet and no telephone signal, the light on the modem kept blinking and that was not good. I tried another cable and several restarts, but in vain.

Call 2, 2.18 pm. “Ah, the modem is not recognised”

Time for another call to the call centre, at 2.18 pm. After another 15 minutes’ wait, I could explain my problem. The handler in the call centre looked into my electronic file, and detected that the system still thought I had the old Ubee modem, the Connect Box was not recognised. He would “pull it through”, and I could see that the modem made a new start. Everything should be ok now, he said.

Things were slightly better. The telephones worked, and if I connected my laptop with a cable to the modem I got internet as well (and fast!). No Wi-Fi, and some of the ports on the modem gave no signal.

Call 3, 3.06 pm. “Reset the modem, and it should work”

Call number three to the call centre. Waiting time still around 15 minutes. I explained the status, and asked if it could be that the new modem was in the bridge mode. No, this was not the case. In the Ziggo centre everything looked ok, maybe the best thing was if I tried if a reset of the modem could help.

With a paperclip, I reset the modem, but the situation did not get better. I tried to connect to the modem through my browser (using a 198 address), but could not get a connection. I googled “cannot get connection to my Connect Box”, and in one of the links I found an answer that said “if your modem is in bridge mode, you should use another 198 address”. I tried the new address, and yes, I could get into the settings of the modem. As Wi-Fi was switched off in a way that I could not change it, and as I could get into my modem using the address to get access to a modem in bridge mode, it was clear to me that the modem was in bridge mode.

Call 4, 5.44 pm. “My apologies, your modem is indeed in bridge mode”

Between 4 and 5.30 pm I went shopping. When I returned, I called the call centre again, and (after again a 15 minutes’ wait) I put my findings to the friendly person in the call centre. He checked my theory, and he had to admit that my modem was indeed in the bridge mode. “Normally these settings are not transferred to a new modem, but in this case, they must have”. He apologised and switched off the bridge mode.

My modem restarted, and after five minutes or so everything worked fine. And the internet speed was great!


More than three hours wasted

In the end, it took me about 3.5 hours to set up the new modem, including more than an hour waiting time on the telephone.
If the advice in call number one would have been the right advice, I would have been ready in 15 minutes. I can imagine my situation (new modem, old modem in bridge mode, new modem should not be in bridge mode) is not occurring every day, so I understand the right answer was not given in the first call. But why did the people in the call centre whom I spoke to in calls two and three not check if the modem was in the bridge mode? Why did they stick with the thought that settings of the old modem are not transferred to the new modem? I wasted at least three hours on my Saturday, and the people in the call centre could have helped other people and reduce the too long waiting time. I hope the incident is registered, and that a next caller with a similar problem is given the right answer immediately.

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