Join the crowdstorm about the Future of Work

The ForeWork Initiative: Engaging Creative Professionals Across the Globe to Revolutionize the Future of Work

Companies, both big and small, are facing new challenges as the usual workplace linchpins – regular hours, offices, management hierarchies, hiring practices – start to lose hold. As these systems continue to become more outdated, companies need to look forward, towards the future of work for potential solutions.
Jovoto’s ForeWork initiative brings together innovators, experts, and HR executives to do away with outdated workflows and develop new solutions. The initiative is based on two open innovation challenges, so called crowdstorms, to engage a global crowd of innovators and creative talents to share their visions and ideas for the future of work. The first crowdstorm is already underway. Looking ForeWork is a collaboration with WIRED and asks creative professionals to develop stories that illustrate how they would like to work in the future, in ways both big and small.

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