Trends in Personality Testing

Personality Testing

Until recently you had to complete a questionnaire to determine your personality profile. Today this is no longer necessary. Based on text you have written, or the public profile that you have created by using social media, your personality profile can be determined.

Apply Magic Sauce

The university of Cambridge powers a project called “Apply Magic Sauce“. “Our vision is to personalise the internet”. “We focus on the psychological traits and emotions that drive a given behaviour, not merely the fact you have clicked or Liked something. We care not about identifying you personally, but providing you with tools to individualise your own experience“.

Based on Facebook likes, or text you have written, Apply Magic Sauce can determine your personality profile. I tested the machine. As I am not very active on Facebook, I do not have enough likes to enable a thorough analysis. I write many blog posts though, and I was able to feed the machine with text. I started with my most recent blog post: “10 HR trends for 2017“. You can see a summary of the results below. My Big 5 personality profile and my Jungian personality type (INTJ). In addition the program predicted my age: 37.
The Big 5 personality profile is in line with the results I got when I did the test in a traditional way. Normally my MBTI profile is INTP, but as the P is not very extreme I can live with the result. I write younger than my real age, and I consider that a compliment.


personality testing





To test the reliability of Apply Magic Sauce I ran the test with an additional nine recent blog posts (all blog posts with at least 500 words). In the picture below you can see the results: without conducting a statistical analysis the reliability seems to be high. The pattern is comparable, and the outcomes of my scores on the five dimensions are always on the same side of the scale.

Big 5 personality profile

The prediction of my age varies between 29 and 39 with an average of 34.5. The MBTI profile is eight times INTJ, one time INTP and one time ISTJ. As the MBTI profile is derived from the Big 5 profile this is not surprising.

Personality Insights

also offers the opportunity to determine your Big 5 personality profile, if you put text in the IBM Watson powered machine. I won’t bother you with my results, but the outcomes were not completely in line with the outcomes of Apply Magic Sauce (you get a glimpse of the results in the picture on top of this article).

Analyse Words

Can be used to determine a personality profile using a Twitter account.


Crystal is a simple tool you can connect to you e-mail and LinkedIn. Crystal analyses public data to detect personality profiles. Knowing this profile, Crystal gives you tips how to approach people in a way that fits their personality. Crystal works with the DISC personality types.
Below you can find my Crystal profile, which is made based on the public information Crystal could find. Those who know me can judge the accuracy of the profile.


Crystal 1

Crystal 2


Personally I am surprised by the power of the machines I described. Just with blog posts I have written, it is possible to determine my personality profile and the results seem to be good. I am sure that with time the quality of the analysis will improve. It is also somewhat frightening. My blog posts are public, the machines are available (free), so everyone is able to make my profile, an use it for their benefit. One of the current trends in HR is the consumerisation of HR. When things can be done easy, employees expect it is done in an easy way. If you ask an applicant to complete a questionnaire with 100 questions, you might expect him or her to direct you to one of the sites mentioned in this article.


I ran the text of this blog post also through the Apply Magic Sauce machine. Unfortunately it is very difficult to hide. The results are very much in line with the earlier outcomes. My predicted age: 38 (‘People who use language of this kind tend to be 30-39 years old’). The MBTI profile: still INTJ.


Note: On the official MBTI site, you can buy a test to determine your MBTI profile.


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