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Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute was quoted in a recent article by Victor Lipman in Forbes.

Please find a link to the article below.

Want To Eliminate The Dreaded Employee Evaluation? The Results Aren’t As Glowing As Expected

We quote from the article:

“So what’s a manager or company to do in a brave new world without evaluations? Haak offers four very sound suggestions.

1. Make sure regular conversations are scheduled between manager and employee;

2. Make use of tools that facilitate regular feedback (since giving adequate feedback is a chronic management problem);

3. Involve others besides the manager, such as peers and clients, in providing feedback;

4. Before removing annual performance reviews, be sure you have a replacement and start implementing it while the prior system is being eliminated.

In short, if you weren’t managing well before, simply eliminating the dreaded formal evaluation won’t magically make you an outstanding manager.

But taking steps to provide the kind of consistent honest feedback a manager always should will be steps in the right direction.”

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