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Leveraging HR Apps to make organizations more agile

24th, August 2016
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by Frank Roebroek
in  Trends in HR


Agile organizations adjust quickly to the changing customer demands and increasing competition. New HR App’s can help to increase the agility of your organization.

New Apps are changing the HR tech landscape

It is almost impossible to follow all new HR Tech developments and describe what is already possible today. Some experts even claim more than 200 HR Tech start-ups are established every quarter in the US only. So it is unfortunately simply not feasible to describe all these interesting newly developed apps. However, I would like to make an exception for Nuklius as a new kid on the block. Not because they already have a proven track record, it is still early days, but because I believe they have identified an extremely exiting domain, with potentially a high impact on the business performance.

App for employees to identify right skills for their projects

Nuklius developed an app that enables employees to connect with other employees in the organization in order to find the right skill-set for their projects or other business challenges.

The app makes use of a semantic search, so no difficult labeling and coding. Capabilities are employee self-described, strengthened with intelligent behavioral modelling and validated with ‘peer-to-peer’ feedback. The app also offers the data analytics capability to identify where and which projects are being worked on, as well as mapping of the informal networks and skill-gap analysis.

It will be interesting to monitor the progress and first customer feedback of Nuklius.

Another interesting contender in this domain is Part-Up.

More and more HR Tech is developed for end-users rather than HR only

In most organizations the staffing of projects with the right talent is a huge challenge and often extremely time consuming. If employees and managers are empowered and supported to connect directly with the right talent, one can expect organizational effectiveness to increase significantly.

More and more HR Tech is developed for end-users rather than HR only. Empowering employees and managers to be able to make better and faster decisions will improve the business performance. In my view this is the right direction.

Of course the right guidance and training will help to implement these type of apps effectively.

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About the Author: Frank Roebroek

Frank is senior partner of the HR Trend Institute and an independent consultant supporting HR innovation through ad- interim management, advice and coaching. Frank has an extensive experience in HR. He worked for Philips in several industries from consumer to healthcare, across multiple continents. In the USA he was Head of HR for North America leading and transforming the HR organization and supporting the business integrations for 30.000 employees. In Mergers and Acquisitions he was part of many major deals and integrations as deal lead. From 2011 till 2015 Frank led the design, set up and establishment of the Global HR Operations organization for Philips. His major fields of interest are HR Innovation and transformation to the next professional level by ad-interim management, consulting and team- or individual coaching. Frank is founder and owner of Roebroek Management Consultancy. More information on LinkedIn.