HR Trend: Immediate Feedback Tools


We know that high quality and direct feedback remains to be a key accelerator for people and team development. But we struggle to organize this effectively in organizations. How can new  technology in feedback tools help solve some of our struggles?

What apps are Educational Institutions using to improve feedback?

The development of leveraging technology to support better education is booming. Already many apps are available to support teachers and students in and outside the classroom. New apps are used for monitoring students progress, connecting students, improving classroom communication and more. The Dutch Onzeles app, used by teachers to get immediate student feedback is particularly interesting for organizations. The new app is an initiative of a National Think Tank and recently introduced in a few colleges. First experiences seem very positive because it is immediate, simple, stimulates dialogues and directly helps the teacher to improve.

Are organizations implementing new feedback tools? 

Many organizations still struggle with effective feedback approaches for managers and employees. As a result most organizations are investigating new approaches to improve. The annual performance appraisal makes way for more frequent and future oriented feedback. Feedback tools as are now entering the classroom might offer a solution.A good example is the relatively new app, Impraise. An interesting option if you consider moving to more frequent, flexible and less time consuming ways of providing feedback. Impraise provides solutions for performance reviews, manager reviews, 360- reviews and real time feedback.With this tool managers and employees can ask for immediate feedback, completely customized and at any time at any place.Impraise now has over 100 customers mostly smaller start –up like companies. The tool is relatively new but customer reviews are promising, especially on the flexibility, the short time to implement (one week) and the empowerment of managers and employees.

Another comparable example, also designed by promising Dutch entrepreneurs: TruQu.

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