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Trends in graduate recruitment

20th, April 2016
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by Tom Haak
in  Trends in HR

Trends in graduate recruitment

The HR Trend Institute spoke with Harmen van Nifterick, Bachelor student Business Administration at the Vrije University Amsterdam. Recently Harmen went on a trip to Budapest with a group of selected graduate students, to learn more about some multinational companies.

Q: Who organized this trip?

A: The European Study Trip Committee of Aureus (a student association of the VU Amsterdam).

Q: What was the purpose?

A: To meet several companies and learn which field you might be interested in, to learn about the culture and the city and to have a good time with fellow-students.

Q: Was there a lot of difference between the presentations of the companies?

A: The general presentations were quite the same, but at some companies we did a case. That was fun and very useful.

Q: What were key elements all companies mentioned?

A: -What kind of company is this? What do we do?
-What kind of people work at this company? Would the company’s culture qualify as formal or informal?
-How are the terms of employment?
-What does development look like in our company?

Q: What did you miss? What would you have liked to see more off?

A: In general, students have very little relevant work experience and often they do not know what the work in an organization actually looks like.  It would be helpful to learn more about what people actually do. So I missed (at some companies) the specific tasks a starter would perform.

Q: What is your advice to organizations that want to attract high potential graduates? How could they really do something different in the way they present?

A: For example: on a big screen you could show a few common tasks of someone with a relevant level (a trainee or some other kind of starter position). If possible: give the students the opportunity to do get some hands-on experience. Giving students the opportunity to experience some daily common tasks can provide them with useful insights.

Q: Did the trip help you to get a better idea about your career direction?

A: Yes, it did help me but I am not sure yet which field I want to work in. Luckily for me I still have a few years to figure it out.

Thanks Harmen, you gave us some useful insights. Success.

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