First book of HR Trend Institute published

book launch

On April 12 the first book published by the HR Trend Institute was launched at the great event room of partner Fresh Forces in Utrecht. Fresh Forces (where author Chantal Drenthen is senior program manager) is one of the driving forces behind the Arcadis Global Shapers program, the program that is used as the main showcase in the book. Around 60 invitees gathered to experience elements of the Global Shapers program and to have conversations about the question: how can we use the power of new generations in our organizations? Workshops were conducted by Roland Grootenboer of Blendle, Dirk Jonker of Crunchr and others. Dennis Beerdsen of Fresh Forces (in the photo above in the middle), specialist in new generation talent, led the plenary discussion. All the participants got a copy of the book: “Building Powerful Networks, the Arcadis Global Shapers Story”.

Tom and Sylke at book launch

Sylke Raymakers and Tom Haak, two of the three authors of the book

If you want to order the book, write an e-mail to


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