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Our beliefs:

Every organization has different starting points and requirements, which will determine the best approach for HR. The more HR interventions are connected with your business needs, the more impactful these become. Copy & paste what others do can be effective but only if it fits the business needs. Therefore we believe in tailor-made interventions and solutions, which are (co-)developed with our clients.

Our offerings:

We offer direct support for your HR challenges in a wide range of areas. Interventions and solutions can vary from short, three hours sessions to more substantial co-creation programs of multiple sessions over a longer period of time. The areas vary from inspirational to capabilities, all directly related to HR innovation and transformation.

Depending on your requirements combinations and tailor-made solutions are developed in close conjunction.
To help you get a better understanding of the possibilities we will outline these examples on the next slides.

We are happy to inform you in more detail. In case you have any queries on content and fees please feel free to contact Tom Haak (tom@hrtrendinstitute.com).

HR Trend Institute Roos Hijner and Frank Roebroek


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