Gamification in recruitment: The Shell Explorer Game

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations.

#5.003: Gamification in recruitment, The Shell Explorer Game

Shell has developed a game called “The Shell Explorer Game”, designed by Ranj to help Shell recruit. The game is available on their career page. Potential employees are invited to tackle problem-solving quizzes and challenges presented by the game. This will solve the two main questions of recruitment: “is the applicant skilled enough?” and “is the applicant motivated to work?”.  Highly ranked players feel motivated to contact Shell regarding employment, because the game in itself sets a premise for the type of work the candidate is expected to perform.


Keywords: #recruitment #gamification #fun #selection


Links: The Shell Explorer GameTrailer


Collaboration University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and HR Trend Institute: Students of the University of Applied Sciences did research for the HR Trend Institute, as part of the minor “Managing International Teams and Organizations” (MITO). The group of the fall of 2015 investigated how organizations with an international workforce are using current trends in their HR practices. 


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