HR Trends: apps to improve communication skills


The Tone Analyzer

Technology is a major driver for change in our society at large, but also more and more in organizations.

Also on individual level there are many interesting examples of tools and applications like the earlier mentioned productivity tools.

Yesterday I came across another other examples, which can be applied, also in our professional lives.

The Tone Analyzer. This is a service that helps people comprehend, consume, and revise the language tone of their writing for more efficient communications or online self-presentation management. Built upon linguistic analysis, it detects three types of tones from written text: emotions, social propensities, and writing styles (analytical, confident, and tentative). It helps people understand how tones are derived from various linguistic signals.

It also offers actionable suggestions to revise the writing for the desirable tone. Based on the analysis, authors can revise their text to portray the tone that is appropriate for the targeted audience before sending a message, potentially avoiding regrets and miscommunications.

A very interesting development which can be applied as personal development tool. I tried it and it works. Not very advanced yet, if not anything else it makes you at least more conscious of your writing style and its (possible) effect on others. It does not take a lot of imagination to see these type of tools in the years to come not only being used for development but maybe also for (personal) performance review.

It is too early to call it a trend but for sure interesting enough to keep a close eye on.


Link: Tone Analyzer


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