HR Trends: Job Piling

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations

#1.004: Job Piling

Why? In the good old times people used to have one job. Preferably a job for life. Still today you are often associated with your job. “Where do you work?”. “What is your profession?”. “Do you already have a permanent contract?”. Slowly this is changing. When people have more than one job or occupation, we call this job piling. Sometimes job piling is born out of necessity. Because as a starter you can only get a couple of small part-time jobs, or because you do not earn enough with one job. Job piling also seems a sensible strategy. You don’t bet on one job and one employer. This seems safe and comfortable, but if things go wrong there is no plan B. Some people who pile jobs seem to have extra energy, especially if the different jobs are in different areas. Job piling can also be done in organisations, although it requires adjustment. “I Thought you were the CEO?”. “Yes, from Monday to Wednesday, but on Thursday and Friday I cook in the company restaurant”. 

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