HR Trends: Talent Everywhere!

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations

#1.003: Talent everywhere!

Why? The focus of talent management in organisations is often on the internal talent pool. Key question: how can we detect, develop and retain the talent we have. If you broaden the view, there seems to be talent everywhere! A new key question for talent management: how can we connect the right talent to projects in our organisation, when this is required? 

  • There are people who do not want to be on the payroll of big organisations. They are interested in challenging projects, and if you have a challenging project they might want to get involved.
  • There is talent in other organisations whose potential is not fully utilised. By sharing talent between organisations, fulfilling potential might be easier.
  • There are online intermediaries  who can help you to find the right talent in the global talent pool.
  • By funding and supporting start-ups, you are able to connect to innovative entrepreneurs.

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