Change Resistance Bingo

Change_Resistance_Bingo_CardChange Resistance Bingo: print out the card, hand it out during a meeting where the plan is discussed. When you hear a phrase that resembles a phrase on the card, tick the box. If you do not like the plan, use one or more of the phrases on the card. In that way you can both slow down the plan and win the Change Resistance Bingo.

  1. We need clear roles and responsibilities
  2. The culture needs to change
  3. Let’s wait until [name] is back
  4. What are other organisations doing?
  5. We need more data
  6. Let’s conduct a survey
  7. We have tried this in [insert year]
  8. Our CEO will not like this
  9. Change needs to start at the top
  10. We all need to be aligned
  11. We need a solid plan
  12. The timeline is too aggressive
  13. I am in favour, but …….
  14. The strategy is unclear to me
  15. We need clear roles and responsibilities
  16. We need a broad committee
  17. This is too big for us
  18. [insert name big strategy consultant] should help us
  19. It will only work if everybody participates
  20. Tomorrow is another day
  21. August is a very bad month [any month counts]
  22. We will plan a change management course
  23. HQ will have to coordinate
  24. It can be done faster


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