HR Trends: clever tool that helps to improve relations

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations

#2.003: Crystal (

Why? Big data analysis, natural language processing, statistical analysis and psychological modelling make it possible to make a personality profile of people based on public data. Crystal is a pioneer in this area. Crystal provides a clever tool that makes a profile of your relations based on available data (LinkedIn profile, e-mails, Facebook), and based on the profile Crystal gives you tips on how to best communicate with your contact.

“Crystal knows millions of personalities and tells you the best way to communicate with each one of them.”

Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute is testing Crystal, and he has already amazed some friends with the profiles he made of them using Crystal. Tom was willing to share his own profile below. He commented: “I am not the best judge of my own profile, but there are many points I do not recognise. My social profile seems to be more friendly than I am in reality. “It comes natural to Tom to be sensitive to subtleties and nuances” and “To patiently wait in line” up till now has not appeared in my profile or 360 feedback. As this is only the beginning, I am sure the accuracy of Crystal and other comparable tools will increase fast. I find this a very interesting development”.




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