HR Trends: Analysing text with artificial intelligence

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations

IBM Watson Personality Insights

Why? With artificial intelligence machines become better and better in analysing text. An example is Personality Insights, powered by IBM’s Watson. 

“Personality Insights extracts and analyzes a spectrum of personality attributes to help discover actionable insights about people and entities, and in turn guides end users to highly personalized interactions. The service outputs personality characteristics that are divided into three dimensions: the Big 5, Values, and Needs. While some services are contextually specific depending on the domain model and content, Personality Insights only requires a minimum of 3500+ words of any text”. 

Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute: “I entered eight of my last blog posts. In seconds I had a description on my personality. Recently I did a normal Big 5 personality test (110 questions or so), and the outcomes were 95% comparable. Somewhat frightening and very powerful”.

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Link: Personality Insights


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