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About Holacracy Holocracy is a fundamentally different “operating system” for organizations. Editor: Chris Cowan. 672 followers. https://medium.com/about-holacracy
Freelance life Making it in the new economy. Editor: Kate Lee. 7.3K followers. https://medium.com/freelancers-life
Leadership Journal Authentic leadership. Make a difference. Editor: Surendra Reddy. 909 followers. https://medium.com/leadership-journal
On management How might we create and run organizations more effectively? Editor: Greg Gueldner. 7.2K followers. https://medium.com/on-management
The Future of HR Trends and innovations in the domain of people/ people at work. Editor: Tom Haak. 16 followers. https://medium.com/the-future-of-hr
We live in the future Appreciating how far things have come. Editor: Ev Williams. 7.9K followers. https://medium.com/we-live-in-the-future



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