Escaped from the HR Analytics Lab (part 1)

Last week I was able to get hold of some really interesting graphs out of the HR Analytics Lab of a big multinational. I would like to share some of them with you.

  1. Word clouds of e-mail
    In the company (lets call them ABC) they regularly make word clouds of the e-mails of different department.
    The first one is of department A, the second one of department B. No clear cut conclusions, but if you do this regularly you can certainly get some valuable insights.
  2. How connected is the top? In picture 3 you see the connections between the top leadership group (“Top 20”), and the rest of the organization.
    You can see the Top 20 in the lower right corner.
  3. The movements of the CEO at HQWith the help of his iPhone the HR Analytics Lab is able to follow the movements of the CEO (and other employees). Above a sample: where did the CEO go on October 13, 2014?
  4. Where are the high potentials?In company ABC they have different categories of potentials. From blue (no further growth expected) to red (potential to grow to Top 20 positions in the company). The graphs above give an overview of all the people in four different departments, where the people are colored by their potential category.
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