Guidelines for the 2015 HR Agenda

2015 is approaching fast, and hopefully many HR-teams are working on their agenda for the next year. I suggest three motto’s for 2015.

1. Less is more, or Focus, Focus, Focus

Most of the time HR wants to do too much. Stimulated by the business leaders, who also want to do too much, HR overloads their agenda. Don’t fall into this trap. Below I have outlined a flow that can help to determine the HR agenda. Step E is very important: make the right choices and focus on high impact/ low effort interventions.

2. Impact now!

What is expected of HR is that they design interventions that have an impact on the business today, not in the future. Many HR initiatives take a long time to implement and/or it takes a long time to see the effect (if any). My suggestion: focus on those initiatives that have an immediate effect.

3. Business first

This looks like an obvious motto, but regularly HR teams have the motto: HR first. There are so many HR practices that need to be implemented, that focusing on the business can be a distraction. The HR agenda should be very closely aligned with the business agenda. An easy detector that business and HR are not aligned: when the words ‘competency’ and ‘framework’ appear in the HR plan.



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