10 requests from the HR Analytics team

Dear colleagues,

Our new HR Analytics team has submitted to me their first list with data they would like to analyze. This is on top of the data they have access to through our global HR Information system. Of course they will use all the data with great care. Please let me know your approval by Monday, as the team is keen to start. If a time period is not mentioned, they want the last five years.

  1. All business travel logs (if possible also seats booked in airplanes)
  2. All e-mail messages
  3. External consultants hired, including the amounts of their fees
  4. LinkedIn profiles of all staff above grade F
  5. Overview of staff with Twitter accounts with more than 4,000 followers
  6. List of people who participated in time management courses
  7. Meeting rooms booked outside our own offices (with addresses)
  8. Participants in the global leadership meeting (2010-2014)
  9. Employees who speak Chinese (and who are not Chinese)
  10. All Harvard/ INSEAD and LBS graduates


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