Yo: give your boss a compliment

The other day I watched a very nice documentary: Our Nixon.

This documentary shows the ‘home movies’ shot on super-8 by the White House aids Haldeman, Erlichman and Chapin.
You also hear some of the taped conversations. When Nixon did something special, like a TV appearance, he phones Haldeman to ask what the reactions were. Nixon is fishing for compliments. He is surprised that so few people phone him after an event to compliment him. He then asks Haldeman to phone people to ask their reactions. The last time this happens is when Nixon announced the resignation of Haldeman and Erlichman on television. The only one who phones him to tell him it was a good speech is Haldeman. He asks Haldeman: can you phone some other people what they think, like in the old days. They both realise this is impossible.
Bosses like compliments, and they do not get these a lot. I remember similar comments from my old bosses: hardly anybody dares to write or phone them with a compliment. Maybe people think this is ‘arse-licking’, and not appropriate.
Also bosses deserve compliments, and I would like to ask you: give your boss a compliment this week.
There is now a fantastic app that can help to give compliments: Yo. Ask your boss to install Yo, and tell her that every time you Yo her this means: Yo boss, you are doing a good job. Of course you like the reverse as well: when she Yo’s you that means: Yo, I am so glad you are part of my team.


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