22 things for HR to stop with

HR should stop:

  1. Counting heads
  2. Preaching
  3. Generalising
  4. One-way communication
  5. Avoiding to tackle the most difficult issues
  6. Being secretive
  7. Focusing on the bosses and chiefs
  8. Planning for the future and focus on today instead
  9. Making org charts
  10. Defending the status quo
  11. Accepting mediocrity
  12. With competency frameworks, and focus on the spikes of people instead
  13. Accepting delaying tactics
  14. Being too serious, we can use some fun
  15. Doing too much
  16. Planning and checking, and start doing
  17. Striving for neatness
  18. Not pushing back
  19. Talking about diversity (but act instead)
  20. With classroom training
  21. Avoiding conflicts
  22. Focusing on individuals, but focus on teams instead
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