Trainees are as task oriented as their bosses (a 1 minute read!)

The setting: groups of trainees who have to develop a proposal in around five hours. A group of senior advisors is available for consultation. Some of these senior advisors switch roles at the end of the day, and then they become the jury.

I would expect all teams to make sure that the jury members are heavily involved in the ideas they develop. Test your ideas and approach quickly with the senior advisors who will be in the jury, to make sure they become your supporter. Incorporate their thoughts in your next iteration, and test again. Hardly any team takes this approach. Maybe because this is not considered fair. My hypothesis (untested): they do not spend time outside their team because they are so busy. A task has to be finished, so there is no time to lose!
I have seen this task oriented behaviour in many senior teams I have been able to observe. They rather spend days in the safety of the meeting room, than being out there talking to others (clients, employees, others).

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