Three (HR) models to get rid of


Three (HR) models to get rid of:

1. The pyramid as a metaphor for organisations



When you ask people to draw an organisation, nine out of ten times they draw a pyramid or a derivate of the pyramid. Most org charts look like a pyramid when you look from a distance. Can we get rid of the pyramid? There are many other basic forms to use. The question is if it is necessary to draw a static organisation at all.

2. The Deming cycle that is hardly ever a cycle


Nothing wrong with the Deming cycle. The problem is that it is often not used in a circular way. The circle becomes a line, with three elements: Plan, Do, Check and then it continues with Do, Check, Do, Check and so on. Adjusting plans is seen as a big negative.
Another problem: too much time is spent on planning and checking, not enough time on doing.

3. Dave Ulrichs HR model


Once upon a time Dave Ulrich presented an HR model to the world. This model was embraced by the HR world. Ulrich argued that for good HR all four roles are needed: administrative experts, employee champions, change agents and strategic partners. The HR chiefs of the world got part of the message: HR needs to be a strategic partner. The other necessary roles were often neglected and in many organisations the result is messy: non of the roles Ulrich described is executed at a world-class level.


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