10 possible job titles for my new job

This is my last week as employer of my current company (ARCADIS). From June 1, 2014, I am working for the HR Trend Institute. From employee to owner. There has been some discussion about my new job title in the Supervisory Board of the Institute. As a trendsetter, should the Institute not abolish job titles? As a network organization without employees, can the Institute have a Director? Does Director as a title work globally? After some brainstorming the following suggestions were on the white board:

  1. Initiator
  2. Founder
  3. Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Inspirator
  6. CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)
  7. The Hub
  8. No title
  9. Connector
  10. Chief Architect

All good suggestions, and I am sure we could have come up with more. In the end they let me choose. For the moment I have chosen Director. Mainly because I have been a director since 1997, and so at least on thing stays stable.  (I remember that my family was very proud when I was appointed as Director at my new employer in 1997; they thought I was THE director, and they didn’t know the company had many directors, as the last thing they cared about was job titles and org charts).
From now on this blog will be written by the Director of the HR Trend Institute. I hope we can publish the first interview next week. Stay tuned.


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