3 roles you like to avoid as HR

Sorry, I am a bit late with my weekly post, but I had to finish season 2 of House of Cards. A next time, maybe, I will write about the lessons for HR of this series. A friend said to me: I can only watch one episode per day, everybody is so evil…

Reflecting on House of Cards I thought about three roles that HR better avoid.

  1. The preacher
    This is a role I personally have to unlearn, and I am not yet there. People like passionate people, but generally people do not like people who preach. There are so many insights of psychology that are not used in organizations. There are so many fantastic new developments that we could implement today. Why do many leaders not apply the lessons they learned in Management 101? And so on. When preaching you can come across as: I know better. Use your passion, do not revert to preaching.
  2. The Calimero
    We all know the Calimero in HR. No need to use that role. HR has a lot to bring, and an assertive attitude brings HR a lot further than the Calimero approach.
  3. The consigliere
    The consigliere is close to the leader who is her boss. Lets assume the boss is female as well. The consigliere can be found in the office of the boss regularly. The more the better, as this shows she is part of the inner circle. She protects the boss. She helps others: “Leave this to me, I will discuss it with her”. The consigliere becomes the oil in the machine. A role to avoid for HR, as HR needs to be transparent and clear, and not the center of the office politics.
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